Online Courses How-To

Enter your email and password
The first step for using CTTP Online is logging into the Learning Management System.
Enter your email address
Enter your password associated with your CTTP Online account.
Request Access if you don't have it
If you don't have an online access id and password to take Basic Aggregates Certification Renewal course, fill out the cttp online account request form here
Request CTTP Online Access
Review Test Method Modules
module view
There will be a list of module to review before taking the Final Quiz.
Once you have completed all of the review modules, you may take the final quiz.
Take the Final Quiz
take final quiz
At the top left of the course page, you will see a list of links. Click the "Take the Final Quiz" button. The next page will have another "Take the Final Quiz" button to press. You will be prompted one last time the press "begin" to take your quiz. As you answer the quiz questions, your answers will be saved automatically, but you can save them manually in case there is some issue.
Final Quiz Text Size
To change text size, use the browser's controls. For all browsers, you can use the following key combinations:
For Windows:
Zoom In: Press CTRL "+"
Zoom Out: Press CTRL "-"
For Macs:
Zoom In: Press COMMAND "+"
Zoom Out: Press COMMAND "-"
Reset or Original Size: Press COMMAND "0"
Answer all questions
anser all questions
Once you have complteted the quiz, you may save all answers and submit your quiz for grading. If you leave any questions blank, a pop up window will list your un-answered questions, click Cancel to complete your test, click OK to submit incomplete answers.
Review Results
review quiz results
You may review your quiz results by Choosing "Quiz Result" from the top-left side navigation bar.
Review Scores
review test methods
When all modules and Knowledge Checks have been completed, please go to “Quiz Result” page.
Each Knowledge Check will show the score you have received. A minimum score of 70% must be achieved on each Knowledge Check.
Print Your Certificate
Print Certificate
Your certificate will be available after you have completed the Final Quiz.
Log Out
log out with power button
Click the power icon at the top right of the page to log out.