About Us

The Center for Training Transportation Professionals (CTTP) provides training, certification, and continuing education for personnel and companies performing work in the transportation industry.

About the Program

The technician training program works closely with ARDOT and the highway construction industry to provide necessary training and certification. Approximately half of CTTP participants are ARDOT employees, while the remainder is comprised of personnel from more than 120 private construction firms representing seven states.

One of the greatest successes of the CTTP program is that agency and contractor personnel attend the same classes, work together, and receive equivalent training. This practice has fostered a greater respect within the industry, while generating increased consistency in laboratory practices.

Mission Statement

CTTP is dedicated to the improvement of transportation infrastructure by providing quality education relating to the materials, procedures, and equipment used in all phases of highway construction. CTTP continually strives to provide reputable training and certification events that increase knowledge, instill confidence, encourage personal and professional growth, and improve the quality of the transportation industry.


Providing training and certification to improve the quality of the transportation industry .