ROADS Scholar Arkansas LTAP

The ARLTAP ROADS Scholar program is designed to be an opportunity that encourages the continuation and expansion of education in the transportation industry.  This program is specifically intended to provide a mechanism for professional development and recognition for personal growth, while delivering valuable information and technology to local agency personnel responsible for the construction and maintenance of roads and streets.  Through a diverse selection of classes offered, each participant can choose to advance in both familiar and unfamiliar subjects relating to safety, maintenance, and infrastructure.  Upon completion of the Roads Scholar requirements, participants will receive a certificate and have the opportunity to advance to additional levels within the program.

Program Requirements

ROADS Scholar - Level 1

In order to obtain a certificate for ROADS Scholar - Level 1, each participant must complete a minimum of 24 hours of coursework during a 4-year period.  Of the required 24 hours, courses must be completed in both the Safety and Maintenance & Infrastructure categories.  At least 10 hours must be selected from the Maintenance and Infrastructure category.

ROADS Scholar - Level 2

In order to obtain a certificate for ROADS Scholar - Level 2, the participant must first complete the requirements for achieving the certificate for ROADS Scholar - Level 1.  The participant must then complete a minimum of 16 hours of additional coursework during a 2-year period.  Courses used to obtain ROADS Scholar – Level 1 may not be repeated for ROADS Scholar – Level 2 credit. 

ROADS Scholar Courses

The following courses are available for ROADS Scholar credit: