Online Training


Online Modules for Certification

Two modules are currently available for certification:

  1. Basic Aggregates Certification Renewal

    Technicians can renew an existing Basic Aggregates certification online at no charge, but must be logged in using their CTTP Online account.

  2. Concrete Field Testing - Test Only Option

    Technicians can shorten the certification process by logging in and completing the online modules and Quiz in lieu of attending the full class. However, the technician must attend test day and successfully complete the written and performance exams in order to achieve Concrete Field Testing certification.

To complete online modules for certification, you must be logged in using your CTTP Online account. Click the modules below for more information.

Online Modules for Review

The following modules are available for review, and can be used to prepare for a class, practice calculations, or to review proper laboratory procedures. These modules do not require a CTTP Online account, and do not provide a CTTP certification.