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CTTP is Open!!

CTTP began holding in-person testing sessions in September, and full courses in October. If you have already completed the requirements for temporary certification and are eligible to attend a 1-day testing session, you will receive an invitation from CTTP. If you need to attend the full course, make sure you are registered. CTTP will contact you as soon as there is an opening. Be sure to review the New CTTP Policies and if you have questions, please contact us at cttp@uark.edu.

New CTTP Safety Policies

CTTP is making every effort to re-open safely according to the policies of the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas Department of Health, while providing the same quality training and certification events you deserve. It is very important that attendees review the current policies for attending CTTP one-day testing sessions.

CTTP Temporary Online Certification

Due to the pandemic, there is a significant waiting list for classes, and class size is limited due to social distancing requirements. To avoid a lapse in certification, technicians may pursue temporary certifications by registering for the class waiting list and completing the online modules and quiz.

  • If you were already registered for a canceled session or waiting list, you should have received instructions for the temporary certification option.
  • If you need to register for a class (a new certification or a current certification that expires soon), please Register Here.
  • When registering for a class waiting list, please enter a comment to let us know whether you prefer the one-day testing session or the full class. These options are explained below.

To extend the temporary certification to the full 5-year certification, technicians must attend an in-person session at CTTP and successfully complete written and performance exams.

  • Technicians certifying in Aggregates, Hot Mix, Soils, or Concrete Strength Testing for the first time will be required to complete the full in-person (2-1/2 day) class and pass both the written and performance exams.
  • Technicians who are recertifying will be eligible to attend a one-day testing session that includes a written exam and a performance exam.
  • The one-day testing session is available to all technicians certifying in Concrete Field Testing.
  • The full 5-year certification in NPDES is currently available online.

Online Training

Looking for ways to prepare employees for CTTP classes? Check out our online training modules.

CTTP accepts credit card payments for technician certification fees

Registering and paying for a CTTP course has never been easier. To pay by credit card, just submit the completed course registration form, and then select the option to 'Pay Now' or 'Pay Later'.

If you choose to pay now, just follow the on-screen instructions on our secure site. If you choose to pay later, you will receive an email with a link to return to our secure site and complete the credit card payment at your convenience. Also select the “pay later” option if you prefer to bring a check with you on the first day of class. Remember, checks should be made payable to ‘University of Arkansas – CTTP’.