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Training Calendar Updates

The CTTP calendar has been extended through April, 2022. Classes will fill quickly so if your certifications expire soon, be sure to register early!

Test only option for Certification

Technicians may now take advantage of the Test Only Option for recertification. This option saves travel time and expense by allowing the technician to simply attend the final day of a class to complete the exams. The Test Only Option is for technicians who were previously certified and feel confident they can successfully complete the written and performance exams without attending the full training course. Online training resources are available as study aids for exam preparation, including online modules, videos, classroom presentations, study guides, and practice problems. To register for the Test Only Option, select the ‘Test Only for Recertification’ course option during registration.

Students must pre-qualify for the Test Only Option by successfully completing the online training modules, knowledge checks, and online quiz. After achieving a minimum passing score of 80% on the online quiz, the technician must attend an in-person testing session at CTTP to complete the written and performance exams. Read more HERE.

CTTP Safety Policies

CTTP has fully re-opened, but with a mask requirement consistent with the policies of the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas Department of Health. Please familiarize yourself with these policies before you arrive.

Online Training

Looking for ways to prepare employees for CTTP classes? Check out our online training modules.