Dr. Stacy Williams – Director

Dr. Stacy Williams
  • Provides oversight for technician, laboratory and technology transfer programs
  • Instructs technician certification courses
  • Serves as primary contact and instructor for Technology Transfer Program
  • Coordinates policies and maintains contracts with funding agencies
  • Presents to Executive Committees and Advisory Boards

Mary Fleck – Instructor

Mary Fleck
  • Serves as primary instructor for technician certification courses
  • Provides annual updates for course materials
  • Leads course development efforts
  • Coordinates national laboratory accreditation activities

Talley Faulkner – CTTP Program Specialist

  • Maintains the CTTP website
  • Assists with online training applications
  • Provides classroom and laboratory instruction
  • Supports technology transfer programs and events

Austin Williams – CTTP Programmer

  • Creates custom software solutions to support certification programs
  • Leads technical development efforts for CTTP online programs and applications
  • Provides server administration and database management
  • Maintains in-house technical support for CTTP

Roselie Conley – Research Technologist

Roselie Conley
  • Coordinates Laboratory certification activities
  • Performs Laboratory inspections
  • Assists with laboratory activities for technician certification courses
  • Serves as a test proctor

Katie Juniel – Administrative Specialist III

Katie Juniel
  • Maintains certification records
  • Prepares technician certification course materials
  • Manages registration and correspondence for training program participants
  • Facilitates all courses and events at CTTP