Quality Manual

The Quality Manual is a living document describing the people, equipment, and processes used by the laboratory to ensure quality. This document should be updated frequently, including the following topics:

Company and Staff Information

The company structure and contact information should be described in this section, as well as a summary of laboratory personnel, including a job description and resume for each. In-house training procedures should be documented, as well as current CTTP (and other) certifications held by each technician.


All equipment pertaining to QC/QA test methods included in the certification should be included on an inventory listing. The inventory should include the name of each piece of equipment, model number, serial number (if applicable), in-service date, and calibration interval. Sieves should be listed individually. A description of each item should also be provided in the equipment section, including a description of the procedure and any additional items used for the calibration of the equipment. Calibration records should be maintained for each piece of equipment, showing recorded measurements for calibration items, performed at the prescribed intervals.

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Test Records and Reports

Samples of data sheets and submitted test reports should be included in this section, along with a description of any internal procedures used to produce these test reports.


This section should document all companies and/or individuals that provide services to the laboratory for items such as equipment calibrations, equipment rental, technician testing services, or outsourced training. Equipment sharing between sister companies may also be documented in this section.

Specifications and Manuals

Adherence to current methods and specifications is critical to laboratory quality, and laboratory procedures should be reviewed regularly for needed updates. As a result, the following specifications and manuals are required for certification.

  • ARDOT Standard Specifications for Highway Construction
  • Current version of the ARDOT Manual of Field Sampling and Testing Procedures, with current updates
  • AASHTO Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, no more than one year old

Current AASHTO standards must be presented for each of the test methods included in the certification. Test methods pertaining to calibration or verification of equipment may also be required. In general, these manuals may be no older than the year prior to the inspection date. For instance, 2017 manuals are acceptable for all inspections conducted in calendar year 2018. In some cases, copies of test methods resulting from recent attendance in a CTTP course may suffice, depending on the scope of the certification.

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