Reciprocal Certification

Center for Training and Transportation Professionals
POLICY CHANGE: For reciprocal laboratories with expiration dates of July 1, 2015 or after, certifications will be effective for a period of two years, rather than one year. Reciprocal certification fees will be assessed at the same rate of $100 per area per year.

Laboratories currently holding accreditation or certification from a nationally-recognized organization, such as the AASHTO Accreditation Program, may apply for reciprocal certification through CTTP.

Reciprocal certifications are approved for a period of two years (based on the date of the original laboratory Agreement), with associated annual fees. If at any time the primary certification lapses or the laboratory is suspended, the CTTP certification will also be suspended.

On-site inspections are not required for laboratories requesting reciprocal certification.  However, reciprocal certifications shall only include the test method(s) included in the certification by the other accrediting body.  This may result in state-specific test methods being unavailable to reciprocal laboratories.